Spectation Rubber flooring is a premium rubber floor made of dual durometer vulcanized rubber.  This heavy duty rubber flooring has a hammered finish with a speckled design that comes in a multitude of colors to match any space.  The spike resistant and shock absorbing backing makes this floor up to the task for any needs.  The 9mm thick floor stands up well to moisture making it perfect for humid environments.  With LEED credits and a 5 year warranty, Spectation is the responsible rubber flooring.  This floor is also blade resistant making it an ideal product for ice rinks.



  • Superior Water Resistance
  • Spike Resistant
  • Shock Absorbing Backing
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty
  • 25% Recycled Content
  • Possible LEED credits


  • Weight Rooms
  • Fitness Rooms
  • Physical Therapy
  • Ice Rinks