Contract Rubber

Contract Rubber flooring is a non adhesive interlocking tile system.  Offered in multiple layers of thickness, customizable colors and able to be installed wall to wall or standalone, you can choose exactly how you want your surface to be.  Contract Rubber is vulcanized, meaning it is non-porous and resistant to liquids, including water and sweat.   Made from recycled rubber, and featuring custom bevels, Contract Rubber is safe for both the environment, and possible tripping hazards.



  • Heavy duty commercial grade recycled rubber
  • Interlock and true trimming available
  • Vulcanized for Non-Porous Surface
  • Will not harbor or promote bacteria
  • No curling
  • Beveled edges available for built in transitions
  • Clean and fresh mitigating agent used to significantly reduce aroma
  • Available in a variety of thicknesses
  • Available in a variety of colors


  • Fitness Rooms
  • Weight Rooms
  • Physical Therapy
  • Ice Rink