Eco-Grip is The Final Multi Functional Flooring

By Geoffrey Potts June 22, 2017

Eco-Grip: an eco-friendly floor that has a firm grip of its role in the world of non-slip safety floors.  Made from recycled post-industrial PVC using green technology, this floor respects the environment and will earn LEED credits.  Eco-Grip is a safety flooring, preventing many injuries that might arise from slipping on a wet floor.  It has also been designed for comfort, the softness provides a new standard of comfort when standing for an extended period.  Build to last, Eco-Grip is heat, fire, chemical, puncture resistant and entirely waterproof.  The reality is Eco-Grip was made for commercial use where safety and comfort are the main priorities, and Eco-Grip truly delivers.

eco grip

Bars, restaurants and even locker rooms are now enjoying the security that Eco-Grip brings.

A Non-Slip Sanctuary

Perhaps the most important feature in a floor is whether it is safe or dangerous.  No one wants to ignore safety concerns, especially in a world where safety is valued so highly.  In restaurants, there is always a chance of the floor gathering moisture and creating a potential slipping hazard. In fact, up to 50% of accidents are caused by the type of flooring that is used.  Eco-Grip was designed particularly for this, and has a specially textured surface to encourage traction while still being hygienic and easy to clean.  With this slip resistant safety flooring, there is no need for heavy mats that constantly need to be moved to properly clean the surface.  These mats are also elevated on the floor, causing the same tripping hazard they were meant to prevent.  Many restaurants are even choosing to discontinue their use.  Safety should never need to be compromised; a concept that Eco-Grip understands and upholds.

Eco-Grip is installed around drains to funnel water off of the floor which creates a healthy environment for everyone.

Everyone Profits From Comfort

Every employer wants to take care of their employees.  Employees are the backbone of every business and employees that are taken well are happy.  Happy employees are measurably shown to increase their performance and create a positive atmosphere that clients can pick up on.  The average restaurant worker has an eight-hour shift and most employees are on their feet waiting tables or working in the kitchen.  There are many immediate effects of standing for this long, such as sore feet and muscle pain.  Worse, there are many long term negative effects that create incredible discomfort for an entire life.  An uncomfortable environment is a less productive environment, both from employee unhappiness and from unnecessary sick leave and high turnover.  Eco-Grip is the solution.  This quarter inch cushioned floor provides a padded surface that reduces fatigue from standing through its shock absorption properties.  There is a huge difference between the exhaustion from walking and standing on a hard surface as opposed to Eco-Grip.  Creating a comfortable environment and investing in employees provides peace of mind for everyone as well as an increase in profits.

eco grip 1

Eco-Grip is an anti-fatigue surface through its shock absorption properties.

An Investment that Pays Off Now and Later

A safe, comfortable floor is great, but if it does not have good longevity nor does it last against moisture, traffic or objects falling on it, it is probably not a good investment.  Fortunately, Eco-Grip is a floor that has been built to last.  With a 5-year warranty (10 years if you use their cleaner), Eco-Grip’s durable composition is chemical and impact resistant.  Eco-Grip is made from recycled PVC which makes it able to stand up to foot traffic, food and liquid spills and all types of moisture.  In addition to being highly durable, Eco-Grip has the added benefit of being shock absorbent, which will prevent some breakage that might be common to a tile or poured floor.  Just imagine a ceramic plate falling first onto a tile floor, then a padded floor.  Finally, even though it is textured for grip, Eco-Grip remains easy to clean and has a built in microbiocide which prevents bacteria and fungus from growing.  A cleaning kit purchased on installation is all that is needed to sweep, scrub and rinse the floor.  

Eco-Grip can be installed over existing floors for quick overnight installation.

A Legend in the Kitchen

Eco-Grip is a safety floor designed to last while providing comfort for standing employees, and nowhere does this floor dominate than in a restaurant.  Restaurants consistently deal with slipping concerns from liquid spillage, heavy mats creating tripping hazards, and employees exhausted from continuous standing during their shifts.  In a place that serves food, hygiene reigns supreme, and while all restaurants should clean their floors, Eco-Grip provides the added benefit of being a micro biocide that prevents anything from growing before it can be cleaned.  While safety and longevity are practical concerns, the comfort that a padded floor provides will bring appeal from management down to the employees.  Eco-Grip is even able to be installed overnight, preventing downtime and revenue loss.  Non-slip safety floors are affordable compared to other floors and will soon be dominating what it means to be an industry standard.